Puff printing

This printing technique delivers a 3D effect on the fabric. When the printing material is brought under high temperature, it rises from the surface instead of lying flat on the cloth. The risen surface feels like rubber and is soft to touch.


Industry-standard process

Puff printing is not as simple as other printing techniques. It needs a certain amount of knowledge and experience to work with the machines. It is essential to understand the time and placement of equipment for a neat emboss effect.


The percentage of printing materials required in the puff paste must be accurate. Otherwise, the finished product may have cracks instead of a smooth surface. The heat treatment is another critical factor in determining the quality of the end product. The top tier printing team has all the necessary expertise needed to produce high-quality puff printing on fabrics.


Easy maintenance

The raised surface has a percentage of rubber which makes it easy to wash and use. All clothing items treated with puff printing technique are safe to wash at home as well as dry cleaning.


Wide range of colors/fabrics

Puff printing or emboss printing gives a trendy look to any piece of clothing. The technique is compatible with a large variety of colors. It is safe to print 3D designs on almost all fabric types. From pure cotton to polyester, puff printing is possible on all the fabrics which come in-between them.


Popular among youth

Children and youth are conscious about their clothes these days. Puff printing is quite popular among teens and even children younger than the teens. The technique brings life to any design.


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