Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you’re looking to offer a heat transfer vinyl sticker service, here are some key details and points to consider: 1. Custom Design Options: Offer customers the ability to provide their own designs or create custom designs in-house. Provide a wide range of colors, finishes, and vinyl types to cater to various customer preferences. 2. […]

DTF Printing Service

Introduction to DTF Printing Service: DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing service is an advanced and versatile printing technique that has gained significant popularity in the garment and textile industry. DTF printing offers a revolutionary way to transfer designs directly from a digital file to various fabrics and substrates with vibrant colors and exceptional detail. In this comprehensive […]

Rubber Paste Printing

The most desirable form of printing for kids’ clothing is rubber paste printing. The top-tier printing team brings beautiful designs and fast colors to your little ones’ closet. A superior quality rubber printing that does not fade away over time.  Best Quality At top-tier printing stations, we believe quality comes before everything else. We use […]

Glitter printing

Choose stylish party wear clothes for your young ones in our glitter printing section. Glitter brings glamour to a simple piece of clothing. Young girls love to wear sparkly clothes with trendy glittering designs.  Quality glitter powder At top-tier printing, we use a high-quality glitter mixture for a rich finishing. Cheap powders fall off with […]

Pigment printing

Pigment printing is a sophisticated technique to spread bright colors on the fabric. It is ideal for printing on children’s clothing because of the vibrant color quality and easy maintenance. Not everyone can handle the process with delicacy. At top-tier printing, our design team is a master in handling pigment printing with perfection. They are […]

Kids Suit printing

Top-tier printing provides an excellent range of colors and designs for printing on kids’ clothing. We offer a long list of color options for printing patterns and designs on children’s clothes. Our printing service brings the best out of your brand.  Latest Trends It is vital to keep up with the latest kids’ fashion trends. […]

High-density printing

Screen printing has always been the most loved printing form for years. High-density printing is one form of screen printing that is becoming popular these days because of the great results it gives, and its cost-effectiveness has no match.   We Use The Best Emulsion It is a printing technique where the emulsion is used […]

Foil printing

Children’s fashion is no longer limited to bright and colorful cartoon characters. We offer a wide range of options for your kids to look stylish and stand out among their friends.   High-quality printing We promise to bring high-quality fabric as well as printing to our loyal customers. It is our priority to use the […]

Puff printing

This printing technique delivers a 3D effect on the fabric. When the printing material is brought under high temperature, it rises from the surface instead of lying flat on the cloth. The risen surface feels like rubber and is soft to touch.   Industry-standard process Puff printing is not as simple as other printing techniques. […]

Screen Printing

Our screen printing services are unmatched. We offer a high range of colors and options to our clients. Screen printing is an old but reliable technique to transfer designs on fabric. Our printing teams are here to serve you with their finest skills.  Customized to customer satisfaction You can choose from a wide range of […]