Plastic sole printing

Screen printing on children`s clothes can bring out beautiful characters, cartoons and patterns. Plastisol screen printing service at top-tier printing is one of our special techniques. It is highly popular among younger shoppers. Children love the raised effect plastisol brings on their shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants etc.

We Use the Best Plastisol Ink

A good quality material brings out the best results. Our team uses only the best plastisol ink for printing your designs on kids’ clothing. The heat treatment and our team’s expertise combined with a high-quality plastisol ink deliver neat end products.

Long-lasting Designs

Plastisol ink is made of tiny PVC or plastic particles, making it a highly durable printing solution, especially for kids’ clothes. Children are known for their adventurous nature, so strong and durable clothes help them explore the world without any disturbance.

Even with multiple washes, the plastisol ink will not wear off the clothing items. Since children’s clothes need more cleaning, plastisol is most suitable for these little adventurers.

Variety of Colors

Children’s clothes need to be as colorful as their imagination. With plastisol ink screen printing, we promise to deliver beautiful and bright-colored clothes for the young ones. Plastisol printing can make any colored fabric look stylish. All dark and light colors work well with this printing technique since the ink sits on top of the fabric instead of soaking into the threads.

Creative Designs

Screen printing on clothes can get as creative as you want. You can deliver us your designs, and we can print them anywhere you want on the fabric.