Pigment printing

Pigment printing is a sophisticated technique to spread bright colors on the fabric. It is ideal for printing on children’s clothing because of the vibrant color quality and easy maintenance. Not everyone can handle the process with delicacy.

At top-tier printing, our design team is a master in handling pigment printing with perfection. They are skillful but also have years of experience which shows in the quality of our products.

 Quality fabric

Since pigment printing does not require any particular type of fabric, you can find both natural and synthetic clothes in our collection. We choose our textile material wisely as it all comes down to the quality of a product in the long run. Our company promises to always deliver high-quality products to our clients.


Strong prints

Our pigment-printed kids’ clothes are not only colorful, but they are also deeply bonded to the fabric. The strong binding makes sure that no colors bleed out of the design even when the fabric comes in contact with water.


Easy to clean

The pigment-printed clothes are easy to clean. We understand that your little ones love to play and explore the outdoors, which is why you might have to change their clothes more than once a day. You can wash our pigment-treated clothes with water just like any other garment.


Bright colors

Our clothes have colors as bright as your child’s smile. Pigment printing is a special technique we use to bring out the life in children’s clothes. Our shirts are colorful, and they are also of high quality. We make sure that the colors stay in place even after you wash them.