Glitter printing

Choose stylish party wear clothes for your young ones in our glitter printing section. Glitter brings glamour to a simple piece of clothing. Young girls love to wear sparkly clothes with trendy glittering designs.

 Quality glitter powder

At top-tier printing, we use a high-quality glitter mixture for a rich finishing. Cheap powders fall off with time, leaving behind glitter traces which gives an unpleasant impression. You can rest assured that our glitter powder will not fall even after multiple washes.


Our technicians at the printing stations understand that each step of the process needs full attention. Mixing glitter powder with the ink to make a smooth paste needs patience and experience. A smooth mixture guarantees flawless printing. The printed fabrics are polymerized as the last step to embed the glitter in the material.

 Excellent Party wear

Dresses with a little or more glitter on them are the most suitable choice to wear at a party. The supreme glitter printing on clothes will make your kids stand out in a group of friends.

 Suitable for all fabrics and colors

Glitter printing is a versatile technique. Almost all textile materials and colors are suitable for glitter printing. An experienced technician knows best how to treat different fabrics for a professional finish. We are lucky enough to have such hardworking and qualified workers in our team.

Glitters are available in all colors, which makes it easy for a customized order.

 We offer Variety 

Simple glitter printing is available in the market. But at top tier printing, we have something more to offer to our clients. Among our glitter printing options, you can choose between rainbows, iridescent, metallic colors.