Foil printing

Children’s fashion is no longer limited to bright and colorful cartoon characters. We offer a wide range of options for your kids to look stylish and stand out among their friends.


High-quality printing

We promise to bring high-quality fabric as well as printing to our loyal customers. It is our priority to use the best adhesives, so the foil stays in place. Even after washing the clothes more than once, you will find that the foil printing stays in place. We have a regular quality check on all our products, so our customers are always happy with their shopping.

 Smooth prints

Unlike some cheap foil printed fabrics, our clothes have a smooth and soft feel to touch. If you slide your hand on our foil printed shirts, you will notice that your hand moves gently without any bumps. We use advanced machinery and rollers to bind the foil into the fabric as they are one.

 Fun designs

We have a specialized design team to create interesting patterns and characters which your children will love to wear. You can find cartoon characters, cool writing, and lovely patterns in our foil-printed collection. Our designers understand what children like and keep up with the latest trends in the market so that they keep bringing creative designs for you.

 Range of colors

Foil printed clothes are normally available in golden and silver colors only. You can find other color options at top-tier printing, such as copper, pink, purple, red, and many more. Our specialists make colorful foils for both boys and girls. The foil colors are of high quality and do not lose brightness after washing.