Discharge Printing

If you are looking for soft and subtle printing solutions, then discharge printing is what you need. The top-tier printing team can deliver top-class t-shirts, trousers, shirts and any other kids` clothing item you need with creative designs using the Discharge printing technique.


Reliable dyes

We use only the best dyes for supreme quality results. You can rest assured that our dyes will not wash away easily. This printing technique uses methods to replace the base dye of the cloth. Because of the method, this kind of printing is long-lasting and reliable.


Most Suitable for Children

Kids’ clothing needs to be stronger than adult clothes. The reason lies in the usage of fabrics. Children are more playful and carefree, which is why their clothes have to be strong enough to survive as they grow. The discharge printing technique replaces the manufacturer’s dye with the colors and designs of children’s liking.


Neat Printing

The top-tier printing team has the industry knowledge and keeps up to date with the market. Our printing crew has extensive experience up their sleeves, making them experts in bringing out neat and clear prints on clothes. If not handled with care, any dye can bleed out of the desired design and ruin the clothing item. We will make sure this does not happen with your product.


Top Tier Printing at your Service

We are here to serve all your printing needs. Trust us with your clothing line. You will get only but the best here.